Electric bike: are you friend or foe?


Electric bike is considered to be one of the most popular eco-friendly ways of transportation. However, the usage of electric bike is a bit contradictory. Apart from pride and joy expressed by the fans of bicycle industry, there are people who consider that bicycle should serve the only purpose connected to fitness.


Let’s talk about the advantages of electric bikes. At first, the majority of people see the most comfortable way of movement in combination of the electric traction and muscle strength by rotating pedals. Next, if the accumulator is discharged, one is able to rotate the pedals and quickly get to the nearest socket so as to get the lost energy. Then, we should talk about the money-saving technologies. All the expenses mean only several kilowatts per month to charge the accumulator. Certainly, there is nothing to compare with the expenses for the petrol which are familiar for the owners of motorcycles or scooters, not to mention the cars.


Afterwards, the electric bike is rather quick. In several countries it is used to bring the first aid for the patients who need help urgently. If an ambulance car stops in urban traffic jams, one of the workers goes to a fully equipped electric bike. As a result, extremely necessary emergency first aid comes quite quickly.


As well, it is worth mentioning the special accessibility of this type of transport as for driving no authorization documents or licenses are required. Certainly, it is easy to manage. For those who can ride an ordinary bicycle, it is very easy to handle an electric bike.


Concerning the disadvantages of this transportation system, we can outline only the high price of electric bike. However, the purchase will be cost-effective, especially if you have chosen it in Germany velo direct usine allemagne.

How is global warming affecting Australia



If you think it’s getting hotter by the second, then you do not imagine it because it is getting hotter because of global warming. It is because of global warming that there will be more natural disaster that will happen and if you don’t start thinking of how to lessen global warming then you will be the one to suffer because “heat doesn’t only affect your human body but it can also affect electric compliances by over-heating them if it is used too much like air conditioners”., according to mike @ Brechemier, electricien Provins. With so much heat around you wouldn’t be able to function well and if a big country like Australia is being faced by global warming then what more with other countries?


As a human being your body temperature can only withstand a minimum amount of heat, so if your body gets over heat, you might pass out. The reason for overheating can be due to the temperature rising, and if you live in Australia where the sun can be bright and beautiful, you might be in trouble because global warming is true and is happening right now. You might think that if it gets hot, you can just turn on the air conditioner but do you know if the electric parts of your air condition are overuse or cannot even withstand the heat outside then it can get broken. If there are no air conditioners that can function well against the heat, then there will be a lot of Australian who will experience heat stroke and if a senior citizen will experience such thing it can be deadly for them.


Besides affecting the Australian population, imagine what it can do to the water source of Australia and the agriculture of Australia. Too much heat can dry up the water, and too much heat can also dry up the plants. If both water and plants will be in trouble then how about the fishes and the land animals because without land food the land animals wouldn’t survive and without water, the fishes wouldn’t survive. Global warming can effect on the agricultural affairs of Australia. Should that happen then they economy would go down tremendously and can jeopardize Australia. The Australian government would have a problem in their hands and since it can be so hot due to global warming fires can easily spread or can grow tremendously or can just start up. The electric compliances in Australia would overheat and will cause more problem for them because they don’t have coolers to cool them off.


Global warming is a horrible occurrence, and the worst part is it isn’t a natural disaster because it was made because of human greed and carelessness. You might think that the world is adapting to all of your innovation, but you have to ask yourself if how the world is adapting the change good or bad. There will be a lot who will suffer when it comes to global warming because heat can be a danger to you and all that surrounds you and can increase natural calamities.