The Natural Law Party in 5 Points



“If you are familiar with the name John Hagelin, then you are on your way to understanding what Natural Law Party is” claim Mike, employee for Avocat Divorce firm in Paris

Although you will learn more about this particular political party in five points in government, you get to know about them in 6.

  • It is a kind of government that is oriented in prevention. They focus on management of end crisis via the programs they created wherein its main agenda is to prevent something from going way overboard. It aims at solving existing problems, and by solving these problems, they prevent future troubles from arising and destroying humanity.


  • They support politics that is free from conflict or also referred to as “all-party government.” They want all the best ideas to come together, including leaders and programs that come from different private sectors and political parties to solve and at the same time prevent any problems from happening or getting worse. This particular political party advocates the end of all partisan politics and negative campaigning. They support the essential reformation of campaign finance for the purpose of eliminating the special interest of control over the government.


  • The government should be focusing on what works and not on what is bought or expedient by various groups of special interest. There are proven solutions ( see ) that are scientific, cost-effective, simple and human to all problems of the world. This political party was founded for the purpose of implementing the solutions above right away in the government.


  • The government should work by the natural law. This means that it should solve different problems according to its basis to bring life to every individual. This also addresses national policies and bringing it all to an even greater harmony together with the natural law. This is done through renewable energy; educational programs; natural and preventative health care; sustainable energy and many other programs that are focused on preventing troublesome situations.


  • Reverse the epidemic social and individual stress today by creating groups that are engaged professionally in creating coherence in the society. Based on scientific research, it should verify that the created groups under this name enhance social harmony, improve the efficiency in the administration of the government and lessen collective stress.


  • The government, whichever nation has created their own Natural Law Party, should lessen the mismanagement and waste in the government, cut spending with pork-barrel, encourage the privatization and decentralization where needed and simplify the redundancy in bureaucracies.


The Natural Law Part was formed in the month of April 1992 to bring politics with knowledge about science and other natural order. The founders were a group of professionals from different backgrounds, mostly composed of educators, lawyers, and businessmen. They knew that solutions that have already been tested in the field of daily problems in the nation already existed, but the government chose to ignore it due to the high influence of various special interests. The Natural Law Party got qualified quickly in the US and became the very first political party given the status “national party” by the Federal Election Commission, wherein Dr. John Hagelin, its presidential candidate got qualified for the federal matching funds.


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