3 techniques to make the most of ecommerce data analytics



Businesses have enormous amounts of customer data these days. We can get important insight into our customers and where our traffic comes from, even thanks to free tools like Google Analytics. Many online sellers still don’t use their analytics enough. It should be used daily. You can dig deeper and create personalised shopping experiences for your users by implementing certain methods. This will lead to significant improvements in your sales.

Here is 3 Ways to Use Analytics to Increase Your E-commerce Conversion Rates. Workit: http://workit-software.com  Software provides its customers with a 360° view of their market in real-time and an amazon price tracker with the best competitives prices guide. But also here is 3 Tips to Make the Most of your Returns Data.

1- Sales and Promotions

Some websites depend on affiliate partners to get trafic to their online store. This can become quite confusing. Instead of sending discount coupons, you can use tools to track the referring sites for each person. This will also tell you how much discount they clicked on when they clicked on your link. Therefore, you will be able to create pop-up windows and banners which are personalised for each user. Your users will also see the banner on the top of the page reaffirming the discount. It is a stratedy of using data to make more sales online.

If you offer sales and promotions on your site, you can choose to display personalised promotions to your users. In Google Analytics you can click on a source domain to find referring URLs. Google Analytics will also give you access to different data like location, demographics, technology, interests and behaviour. You can create combinations to offer different promotions to different types of users. You can also see when in the day or in the week you receive the most visits. There are many ways to target customers with personalisable promotions. Remember that people are more likely to respond to an offer if it is personalised.

  1. Email Promotions

Personalised email promotions have a higher open rate than non personalised email offers. You can include the customer’s name in the subject line to attract the customer’s attention. Using Google Analytics, you can also check their activities. Marketing software may tell you the best times to send emails but companies now have to dig deeper. Some companies study the behavioral patterns of their subscribers. They have access to all sorts of information such as the number of purchases, the time and what they purchased.

By using personalised email promotions, companies and online sellers can definitely increase their sales rate. It is also one of the cheapest ways to market your products and brand.

  1. Dynamic Pages

Do you know what your customer sees when they visit your website? Are the same static pages there for every visit or are all of you pages personalised for a great shopping experience? Users are much more likely to purchase products if your ecommerce site is personalised. Companies can use Google Analytics to see what was added to the basket, when, where, etc. For more competitive prices, companies can use the price monitoring software Amazon price tracker.



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