Electric bike: are you friend or foe?


Electric bike is considered to be one of the most popular eco-friendly ways of transportation. However, the usage of electric bike is a bit contradictory. Apart from pride and joy expressed by the fans of bicycle industry, there are people who consider that bicycle should serve the only purpose connected to fitness.


Let’s talk about the advantages of electric bikes. At first, the majority of people see the most comfortable way of movement in combination of the electric traction and muscle strength by rotating pedals. Next, if the accumulator is discharged, one is able to rotate the pedals and quickly get to the nearest socket so as to get the lost energy. Then, we should talk about the money-saving technologies. All the expenses mean only several kilowatts per month to charge the accumulator. Certainly, there is nothing to compare with the expenses for the petrol which are familiar for the owners of motorcycles or scooters, not to mention the cars.


Afterwards, the electric bike is rather quick. In several countries it is used to bring the first aid for the patients who need help urgently. If an ambulance car stops in urban traffic jams, one of the workers goes to a fully equipped electric bike. As a result, extremely necessary emergency first aid comes quite quickly.


As well, it is worth mentioning the special accessibility of this type of transport as for driving no authorization documents or licenses are required. Certainly, it is easy to manage. For those who can ride an ordinary bicycle, it is very easy to handle an electric bike.


Concerning the disadvantages of this transportation system, we can outline only the high price of electric bike. However, the purchase will be cost-effective, especially if you have chosen it in Germany velo direct usine allemagne.

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